Security Systems

Abbotsford Security’s Electronic Security Systems division specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of high quality, powerful electronic security systems for any site and any application, from the lowest of security levels to the highest levels of protection requirements; from the simplest to the most sophisticated systems. Our clients are assured of the following benefits:
– Customized Electronic Solutions
– Full Service Capability
– System Integration
– Technical Excellence
– Anticipating Change
– Cost Effective

Abbotsford Security offers a comprehensive and high quality remote monitoring service which includes the following advantages:
– 24-Hour Control Centre
– Intrusion/Fire Detection
– CCTV Remote Monitoring Mechanical/Environmental Control
– Monitoring Card Access Systems

Customized Electronic Solutions
Each system is unique and designed specifically to meet the client’s requirements

Full Service Capability
Abbotsford Electronic Security Systems provide lifetime systems support from concept to complete installation and maintenance

System Integration
Our systems are designed to integrate with other existing systems and to provide solutions to a broad range of client needs beyond Security. We design our systems to provide solutions involving safety and environmental exposures in addition to Security.

Technical Excellence
The strength and technical excellence of the hardware and software development component of the Electronic Security Systems division provides clients with project-specific developments for customized solutions as well as new and exciting generic products.

Anticipating Change
Abbotsford Security Systems not only has the capacity to meet a client’s exact needs today, but can also anticipate the changing needs of tomorrow’s market.

Cost Effective
It is our goal to provide you with systems that not only meet your Security requirements, but that provide cost effective solutions; ones that contribute to the bottom line. We are committed to contributing to your success

24-Hour Control Centre
Our Control Centre is staffed at all times by fully trained and experienced Security Officers who are proficient in the
operation of the Centre’s “state of the art” electronic and technical equipment, ensuring alarms are responsibly assessed, recorded, and the appropriate response provided.

Intrusion/Fire Detection
We will monitor any intrusion/Fire Detection System, large or small, ensuring that each alarm condition is responded to in accordance with the client’s instructions.

CCTV Remote Monitoring
Our Control Centre staff will provide remote monitoring of CCTV systems either through a LAN network or via radio frequency. We will conduct site patrols via camera, continuously observe, or observe only when activity occurs. We will also record activity and control records for evidentiary purposes.

Mechanical/Environmental Control Monitoring
We will monitor your Building management systems and respond to conditions as your request.

Card Access Systems
Our staff are experienced in not only monitoring transactions taking place on your Card Access system, but are able to, at your request, activate/deactivate cards or readers and produce records of all system transactions.