Mobile Patrol Services

Abbotsford Security Services offers mobile services for administrative buildings, worksites, production plants, private homes and factory premises/properties as an alternative to full-time or part-time onsite security officers. Mobile Patrol gives clients peace of mind that their properties are being monitored regularly for vandalism, fire, theft, flood damage and other incidents.
With our mobile, we are committed to:

-perform randomly timed patrols
-check for open doors, windows, signs of intrusion and vandalism
-provide an early warning and response to incidents
-alert the emergency services and your key holder
-organise and manage a range of support services
-secure the site before leaving
-produce a detailed report of all actions taken
-use highly visible deterrence signage

With Abbotsford Security Services, a uniformed security guard in a marked patrol car will patrol client businesses in a designated area. All businesses will have a tour guard button that is used during each patrol visit. Abbotsford Security ensures that security officers patrol constantly throughout the night at little cost to your business. Abbotsford Security also offers locking and unlocking services for clients with employees, customers or contractors who require access to their premises outside of business hours.

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